Is it possible to get paid customization on Lunar Theme?

I love the Lunar theme. However, I am very frustrated by the built-in Rapidweaver banners section that is used in this theme. It is handy that the extra content area #1 is in the banner area. However, I wish there was an extra content area in the header area for the banner. Basically I want to create a slideshow in the banner area but cannot because of the way the Lunar theme is set-up to accommodate RW banners. Might I be able to convince the author of the theme to provide me with a customized version that would have an extra content area in the banner section to input my own stacks to have a slideshow? I understand this would require effort on your part and I am willing to pay for this. Thanks for listening.

Good morning @jaden85

I don’t offer one-off customizations for themes, paid or otherwise. Sorry.