Is Table CSV responsive?

Hi - can I just check that Table CSV is not responsive and that the column widths will not auto adjust to fit mobile windows?

Hi there @nicksmith

The Table CSV stack is responsive. It will size down, to a point, to accommodate smaller displays. In an effort to not obliterate the content within the cells by shrinking too much it will at some point kick in a horizontal overflow – meaning the table will be scrollable along the horizontal axis. This is by design as I said to ensure that the cells do not become so small that you cannot read the content within them.

Thanks - makes sense! It might be nice to be able to control the breakpoint at which scrolling kicks in but I guess that might be a bridge too far?

Unfortunately I don’t think that would be a possibility.

Reality check: a phone is not a computer. And so far, a tablet isn’t one either. Gotta be honest and say that trying to cater for mobile web has become too much bother for me. I’ve had it with breakpoints.

So I don’t do it. I make my web-pages to look decent and work well on a PC. Isn’t the tail’s wagging the dog here? Horses for courses. You need a PC anyway to use what I produce, so I’m putting an alert on my landing page to fire it up and put the damn phone away.

Just my two cents…

Thanks for the feedback @DavidBourke. That said, while I don’t see products that are used on a tablet or phone I do know that people will browser my site there while lounging around and get an idea of what I have to offer, later to return when they’re back on their computer. I do this myself even. I think this is pretty common. Just my view of things.

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