Is there an equivalent tool to Thunder's Image Compare tool?

Hello @elixirgraphics

I really enjoy playing around with F3 – huge update and I likle it. But since Thunder Pack is not compatible with F3, is there a workaround of getting this image comparison thing realized within F3? I really likle the idea of this slider revealing before/after images.
If there will be a solution planned in the near future please forget about this post. Otherwise you might have a nice idea on how to build something similar…?

Thanks in advance

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That tool was based heavily in jQuery, which has been removed from Foundry 3. It isn’t a tool I’m currently actively working on rebuilding right now. It isn’t to say it might not come back in some shape or form, but it would not be soon. There are other tools like it in the community you could check out.

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Just curious, why was JQuery removed?

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Some highlights include:

  • Better performance and faster page load times
  • Faster javascript
  • Much lower chance of jQuery versions from various vendors conflicting with Foundry’s jQuery
  • Don’t need to worry about any possible jQuery vulnerabilities
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This is a really cool feature. I loved using it recently when showing extensive photos edits I have done to old film scans. They usually have a similar feature in photo editing software but other people may not know how far along an image has been improved without Image Compare.