Is this stack structure corrrect for this text block?

Hi, as you know I am a newbie when I create a new part of my website I always feel like this; I am using too many stacks and when I publish it my sites will be too heavy and loading time will be so long. That’s why I am asking this;

Here is the text block I will create;

text block

Here are the stacks I choose for this text block;

1 Column
Image For Home Icon and Paragraph for Adress
Image For Phone Icon and Paragraph for Phone Numbers
Image For E-mail Icon and Paragraph for E-mail Adress

is this great choose or can I make this text block with less of stacks? or my choices will affect the loading time of the website?

I think it looks good as is.

Apologies if you’ve thought of this already, but: one thing you should do is test it at mobile sizes. The layout may change to something you hadn’t thought about.

As for using fewer stacks, you could use something like the BWD Scribe stack. But again, I don’t know how responsive that would be at smaller sizes.

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I don’t see anything to really be concerned about.

Out of curiosity, why did you use the 1 Column stack? What’s it’s purpose? You can likely drop that and just put the rest of the stack right in the container stack. Although, you’ll never notice a difference in loading from that change.

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Actually I will use the 2 columns right column will be contact form left column will be this text block. That’s why I choose the column stack.

@dougmon thanks to warning I will check text sizes on responsive.

Prefect, that what you have setup is great!

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