Issue: Foundry3 + Poster CMS Stack + F3 Modal Tool

I have a small issue when I use Foundry3 + Poster CMS Stack and the F3 Modal tool.

when I add a modal in my project under Foundry3 + Poster CMS Stack, the following code is generated under the footer. “null”

here is a link to the project file

with foundry2 + poster + modal the error has never shown up so far.

i had already contacted @instacks about this and said you could probably fix the problem.

2 of my customers are currently still using foundry2, but would like to use foundry3 in the future. unfortunately, this problem is currently preventing an upgrade. but they also don’t want to switch to the ALLOY CMS system.

I would be pleased if you could take a look at the issue.

is there a possibility that you can fix this in the next major update?

Seems likely that Poster and Modal share a variable name here and this is preventing Modal from being able to append the modal popup to the body of the page as expected. I can’t test the fix though as I don’t have a copy of Poster on hand. I’m going to try a quick modification and then send you a DM with a test. But this is just me shooting in the dark here since I don’t own Poster. Get back to you in a few.

Might actually be a bit more complex than what I thought. We’ll see how this pans out. Sent you a DM with a test.

it looks like the problem has been fixed.

thank you very much for your time and fast support!

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Awesome. I’ll get this in the next, larger update for Foundry. For now you have a solution to this specific, corner case though. :+1:

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