Issue with image linked to modal


I have a strange behaviour with an image linking to modal: after opening the modal and closing it again, the linked image gets a blue frame (see screenshots), that disappears after klicking somewhere on the site. Has anybody an idea how I can get rid of it?
The URL of my site under construction is:

Thank you all for any help

That is a focus indicator, which is applied by Bootstrap. You can add your own CSS to the page to remove it if you like in the Page Inspector.

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Thank you for your quick reply, Adam. Since I am a legasthenic concerning codes and CSS could you please tell me how this CSS should look like, and where in the RW-project I should insert it? Or maybe tell me, where else I could find it? Thank you very much

The page I linked to above talks about how to use the :focus pseudo-class. Instead of applying it to an input for example, you’d need to apply your styling to an img tag instead.

The CSS you write will be added to the page’s Custom CSS field in the RapidWeaver Page Inspector.

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I have added :focus { outline: none; } and now the blue frame disappeared. Thank you for your help!


Well done! I knew you’d get it. :+1: :+1:

:wink: Thanks again for your support, Adam!

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