Just buy stacks 5 but not license in mail

I just buy the upgrade of stacks4 to stacks5 but i cannot upgrade because nothing is in my mail about license, and now i just cannot use nothing because i install the download of 5 just after pay, but they tell me to insert the upgrade license 5 over the 4 but i have not nothing.

@Xames81 I’m not sure there’s much that @elixirgraphics can do for you. Have you emailed YourHead directly? Are you on the Stacks Pro discord channel? I think the link below is the correct way to join the Stacks Discord channel:

Plus you might be able to retrieve your Stacks 5 serial using this page:


… in addition, I don’t know how the upgrade store works in this case. But it “should” ask you for your email twice. Too many folks mispell their email addresses … thus it does not arrive to them. I’m not saying this happened in your case, but it’s not unusual to occur. Typically asking for the email twice solves this problem.

And, obviously, the email could have gone to your junk folder. Always worth a check also.

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@Xames81 You’ll need to contact YourHead Software about Stacks itself. You’re on the Elixir forum. You can contact YourHead through their own site or on their Discord channel as @mitchellm pointed out above.