Just uploaded new site


I have just uploaded my wife’s new website (52) pages. Used RapidWeaver 7-8, Foundry and an assortment of other stacks. At 70 and a stage 4 Leukemia patient, this is only my second site created, the first being a 2008 iWeb site. I have to say I received a great deal of support from this and other forums. I realize the site is image heavy but that is on purpose as it’s the sizzle that sells. Approximately 80 percent of her site viewers are on iMac desktops with iPhones and iPads making up the remainder of the hits. I am still refining the SEO aspects of each page but if anyone spots any blatant errors I would really appreciate any comments.

My hat is off for both RapidWeaver and Elixir for their great software.

Thanks for everyone’s efforts in helping me meet my deadlines.

JP Goyet


Nice job, the images are beautiful. I had to click out of it quickly or I likely would have purchased a vacation package :wink:

Love it! May I ask what font you use for the site title and for the banner header? :slight_smile:

The font is Origins… However, the font has so many different character styles I found it better to create the head in Affinity design and export without any background as a png.

Very nice. When I’ve got some spare cash I’ll have to book a holiday. Beautiful.