Kinetic Loading Issue

I am redoing a site in F3 and using Kinetic in the banner area of one page. I noticed that there is quite a delay in loading the page initially and the content below the banner shows prior to loading the Kinetic content. After the page is cached, the issue goes away.

Is there any way to correct the initial load… would prefer to just have a delay rather than showing the content area before Kinetic finally loads. I don’t think the images are particularly large.

Here’s the link to the test site, showing the issue.

Might have something to do with the Overlap stack causing the content to show before Kinetic.

The Kinetic images load pretty quickly here for me, and I’m on a fairly average internet connection.

Overlap doesn’t affect the speed of image loading. It doesn’t interact with images.

I will say I see you have video embeds on the page, so that could be a part of any slowdown, as embeds have to interact with an external server, and load content from that external source.

If you want to provide your project file maybe someone can take a look and see if they have ideas to help you optimize things.