Kinetic stack, I miss Kinetic stack!

Hello, I bought Foundry 3 upgrade in February '23 and I miss Kinetic stack, which I really need. What do I have to do to have Kinetic in Foundry3. Thanks

Use the Stacks updater to update Foundry to the most recent version. Instructions for updating are on the Getting Started page on the Foundry site.

I bought and installed Foundry 3, but unfortunately the Kinetic stack is missing in my installation. The Kinetic Stack is also not in the Foundry 3 installation package. What can I do to solve the problem? I would be very grateful for any help. I can’t do an update either. I get the message everything uptodate

Same advice I gave above to your other inquiry above – Update Foundry in the Stacks updater.

You said you can’t update. Show me a screenshot of your Stacks Library in the Foundry 3 Layout section, like so. Be sure to show the whole window of the app and do not crop.

After 10 years of working with Rapid weaver, I know where I can update it. Unfortunately the version was not complete and I could not update it. But I have already communicated this 1000 times. In the meantime I have received a new and complete version.

Thanks for the update on your status. You received that update from me, if I am remembering correctly.

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