Labels in the Posts List

Is there any way to change the labels of the Posts List in my language (Greek in my case)?

I think that this is the only think that I cannot translate in Alloy’s Editor stack and I don’t know how…


Sorry, no, those labels do not have a way to change their text.

It is something that you cannot change or you are going to add it in the stack later?

It was originally left unchangeable so that it would be consistent for describing how to use the Editor, etc. It could be added in a future update.

As I remember we have made this discussion previously at 2021!

I am very sorry, cause as you can understand I have bought something were I cannot using it for my non English language clients!

At least can you provide my with another solution please, cause every time I must change all of these via my hosting editor, until next republish were all be the same again in English…

Please I will appreciate it!

I don’t remember this conversation you mention, but then again I have a lot of Elixir related conversations everyday. That said – the only way to change those labels and make them editable is to update Alloy itself adding several localization fields to the Editor tool as well as the related internal code to handle them within the server side posts list view.

Maybe you can inherit the first 3 labels of the list from the labels of the form
and the other 2 labels Edit and Delete will be the 2 localization fields that you can
insert above Cancel and Save button…

Sorry for the hints!
I just giving some ideas as a “newbie”, just to show my burning flame… :hot_face:

I’m not trying to be difficult, but it all requires the same work – updating Alloy. I’ve added it to my todo list for the next update for Alloy. That said Alloy is not what is currently on my plate so-to-speak. When I update Alloy next I will add localization for these labels.

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Thanks a lot Adam!!! :kissing_heart:

Don’t thank me too much. It may be a while before I get around to it.

Ok, at least it will be in the next Alloy update…

Hi again Adam!
Also I have forget to remind you the pagination buttons labels to can be translate…

Thanks for your support!