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I am using v2 and I love the customizable options that come with the mega menu stack or the Nav Bar Pro stack. However, what I am missing is an option to create a language selector for multiple language websites. Something like this:

I managed to create a drop down along with an icon (globe) and the language; however, to make this option more prominent to the user it would be great to either adjust the color of just the icon, or upload a custom icon/image instead.

Is this something that currently exists within Foundry and I just don’t know abut it - or does someone has a workaround you can share w/ me?

Thank you.

Multiple language selection isn’t something Foundry handles. That is something you can achieve with other stacks though. Give a search on the RapidWeaver Community site.

As for coloring the icon, or using a custom icon – neither are options. Custom icons a problematic as the user could put in any sort of image, of varying sizes, which could cause a problem with the layout and functionality of the navigation bar. This is why custom icons aren’t a feature of the navigation stacks. We stick with the FontAwesome icons that come built in to the Stacks API as we can know, and specify the size they’ll appear and make sure the navigation stack can accommodate them.

I do have these other stacks you are referring to, however I found it easier to stick with Foundry stacks and trying to keep 3rd party stacks to a absolut minimum. Check out the website Most of the projects are multi-language sites (German & English) and I need to find a solution to get a country flag drop down added to a navigation menu sooner rather than later…

Just a few thoughts. If you are only using two languages, on the german page, you could put POLSKI in capital letters and another color in the menu bar. You could use a font color in the menu item, e. g.:
<font color="#B70017"><b>POLSKI</b></font>

Or you can change the color of the icon as well:
<font color="#B70017"><b>WEBSEITEN</b><i class="fa fa-flag"></i></font>
(You can use any font awesome icon supported by stacks, I think all of the fa 4.7 set:

If someone does not speak german, he will instantly notice the POLSKI word and click on it. In my experience, this is better than having the word DEUTSCH on a german page…

Vice versa on the polish site.

For multiple languages you can use the mega menu drop down zone to include other stacks where you can include flags etc. and still customize the main menu item as above.

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Thanks Jan. I spoke w/ my stakeholder and they are fine as it is, however I appreciate sharing your views and I’ll keep them in mind for future projects. Thanks again!

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