Large gallery of images


I have over 100 photos (totalling around 16MB) on one page in my gallery.
Obviously I’m aware of a long load time, what is best solution please?

They are football images from 1920 to current year so could create sub pages by the decade to minimise load times?

Or is there a better way through pagination?


Hi @DazFisher

Maybe you could try to use Potion Pack > Lazy Load Image Stack


@DazFisher I’m going to “assume” you have Foundry 2. If you do then give the Pop Up Gallery stack a whirl. You can store your images remotely so that will really help.

Off the top of my head I don’t remember if you can have more than 1 Pop Up Gallery per page. @elixirgraphics knows and can comment.

If for some reason Pop Up Gallery does not suit your needs, then you definitely want some sort of gallery stack for that many images. (Even if broken up into different galleries). There’s a very simple stack named Frag by DooBox which does galleries in a different way. He recently updated the stack so it also can use remote images.

… and if neither of those approaches suits you then look at Will Woodgate’s Pro Gallery or inStacks’ Gallery 3 stacks.

… however Pop Up Gallery is likely your simplest and best solution.


Yep. You can definitely use more than one Pop Up Gallery per page. :+1: