Left Border Card Stack not appearing

Just wondering if anyone can tell me why the left border of the “Hunters & Selectors” card is not appearing on this page

Shows up just fine here!

Thanks for that Nostrildomus.
I decided to check using Safari and it appears just fine.
But in Chrome on opening the page at the default browser size there is no left hand border. If I gradually reduce the width of the browser, the left hand column appears and disappears and appears again at (very roughly) .5 cm intervals.
In Safari there border is there regardless of the browser size.

The bottom line is that what you are doing is a bit odd and far from perfect.

You are combining a side panel design from 10 years ago with a very current card layout inside a 2 column display. I doubt that Bootstrap was designed to do this and consequently there are issues.

My advice would be to remove the 2 Col stack and put the contact details either above or below the card layout. Not only will this work perfectly but the page UI will be much better.

What you’re seeing is a rounding bug. What this means – columns are built using percentage based widths on responsive websites. When the browser does the math to make each column fit properly it rounds the value up or down to get a more precise number. In this case the rounding isn’t working out in Chrome and a pixel of space on the edge, is getting cropped off since the stack’s main DIV is set to have its overflow hidden.

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Thanks for the feedback Gary and Adam.
So Adam, it’s not a layout issue?
This may be a matter for a new thread, or a different forum, but seeing it was raised here I’ll ask - is the sidebar dead?
(I notice that at least some of elixirgraphics themes have sidebars)
Is webdeesign right in that there are better ways to present contact info?
I have routinely created sidebars (within Foundry) because it seems the content is more in the face of the user that just part of the body of the page.

It is a oddity with how the browser is rounding the value for the width of the columns. You could compensate with some padding around elements in your layout, but the heart of the matter is a rounding glitch on the browser’s part.

No. I use a “sidebar” with the Foundry documentation pages. It is not a RW generated “sidebar” but instead one created using Columns.

All Elixir themes have them… any properly designed theme will, as it is a feature of the RW theme API. Whether users make use of it is another thing.

That is up to you and is a matter of opinion of course. You have to design your site how you like and see fit. Your layout choices may lead to hurdles you have to overcome, but that is all up to you and what you want for your site.

Thank you Adam. As always, very helpful.

IMHO sidebars can work for some layouts where the sidebar is kept as narrow as possible and you need to cram in many links in the sidebar. Otherwise there are far better way of using that precious space that sidebars eat up. Your contact details would work better if positions at the top and/or bottom of the card layout.

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Thanks for your perspective webdeersign