Let's hear it for Alert Boxes!

I’m building out my first CMS back end using Foundry and the Alert boxes are brilliant for including simple instructions for clients that stand out from the rest of the content.




Which CMS do you use? …

In this instance, Easy CMS. So Alert is good for stuff like this:


Cool! Do you like EasyCMS so far? I am still not decided if I want to use a CMS or not - I do not want the user to break my design…

I think EasyCMS is great. It’s very good value and much more flexible than you might think, especially when used with macros.

It’s also able to create sections of content - for example a series of testimonials - and then hide the ones you’re not using.

For example, although I only have 7 testimonials I create 17, then ‘hide’ 10 of them using the EasyCMS toggle stack. The visitor sees 7 testimonials when they go to the page. Then, when the client wants to add a new testimonial they open their admin page, add the new testimonial, turn the toggle ‘on’ and save. The new testimonial is added to the page and there are now 8.


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I found EasyCMS to be too limited and TotalCMS too expensive (pay per domain)

So I started using Alloy. Not perfect (yet) but will suit most needs I guess.

And I’m supporting Elixer :upside_down_face:


Feel free to email me what you think would make it perfect – as long as it falls within the bounds of what a blog does. :wink:

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Out of interest, what was missing from EasyCMS for you?


I missed protecting the admin area, easy video handling and galleries.
TotalCMS is quite powerful, too expensive and not easy to setup.

In the end, the client ActiveBeauty doesn’t use video (yet?) btw.

But she’s satisfied with the features and ease of use.

I may start building a multi lingual site for her.

Cheers, Peter

Maybe you’ve not looked at it for a while, but FYI EasyCMS includes password protection for the admin area, integrates nicely with Instacks’ Gallery 3 stack and does support basic video adds from YouTube, Vimeo etc.


I didn’t look for a while indeed since I bought TotalCMS a few years ago, summer 2017 if I remember well. Back then, there were these differences that forced me to use the expensive one… This may be different nowadays.

My opinion about TotalCMS (and Foundation 6) being quite difficult to wrap your head around still stands.

Anyway, thanks for pointing out.