Link and anchor: density in motion

Apologies !! This is a basic question, but I cannot figure this out.
I am simply trying to create a link from a phrase/word on one page to the top of a header on another page. I have tried with Joe Workman’s anchor, and I bought Doobox Anchor, but the code for the link eludes me. My site is not yet published, so the URL is not active.
This is what I put in that doesn’t work. https//"#HWPANIC"

Clearly, I am lost, so if I could lean on someone generosity, that would be great.
Many thanks, as alway

Hi there @diversity

I am not familiar with either of those products since they’re not mine. You may be better off hitting up their respective sites for help with their products since this forum is a support forum for my products. That said, anchor links need two things… the link itself and the anchor tag.

The link will look like this:

The url above refers to an anchor ID. This anchor ID needs to be present on the destination page. With my Anchor stack that comes with Foundry’s Potion Pack the stack handles that for you. Otherwise you’ll need to insert the anchor tag yourself. I would assume the products you mentioned from the other developers would also handle the destination anchor tag for you, but I honestly don’t know as I don’t own either of them.

You can use the Doobox Little Mouse stack… just scroll down to the New feature section that explains how to add a link to another page.


The road to a solution through the eyes of a novice:

I finally figured out how to use your anchor stack. I mistakenly thought your anchor was just for mega menu.

When I realized that wasn’t the case, my next challenge-given my lack of knowledge and training- was to point the link to the anchor. All instructions, no matter who makes the stack, use the “https://” example. Because I have not yet published my site, that didn’t work. By route of experimentation, I realized that I had to omit the URL and go right to the
I then had to figure out that I had to preface the ID in the stack itself with “#ID”. The ID was “test”. Interestingly, when I just put “test” not “#test”, the link brought me to the page, but not exactly where the stack was placed on the page. Once the #test was in the stack, all worked well. It was a journey, but I learned.

There is no need to use another developer’s stack-if you don’t know css and rely on stacks, as I do. Your stack works just fine. Just mentioning your Anchor Stack cued me down the path I needed
Many thanks !!

Glad to hear that you got it all sorted out!

Thanks Adam… Probably TMI. But if another novice comes along, stuck on this, there is a reference
Look forward to your new releases. Exciting stuff