Link colour in Accordion?

Having a little issue colouring up a link in accordion :thinking:. Have set the foundry main link colour up to orange. All the links on the page are now orange (except the one in Accordion thats blue?) If I unlink this, it turns to orange, but as soon as I link it again, it goes back to blue?

Any help would be great. Cheers Jon

site is
and the link is 3/4 down the page

link colour

Hi there @Jonline

I’m not seeing any tick boxes in your screenshot. Perhaps you can explain what you’ve ticked and unticked in more detail?

Also, send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I can have a look at it as we troubleshoot this problem. You can send the ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If it is over say 4mb, be sure to send it using something like Dropbox, or a similar service.

Addendum – Sorry, I meant where you said unlink. I think I should have waited for coffee before replying to support. What is it you’re linking and unlinking?

@Jonline – How are you applying the color to the link in the Accordion?

I ask because if I set a link color for the page, in the Foundry Control Center stack, it is applied to both the Paragraph (1) stack and the contents of the Accordion (2), as seen here:

Thanks Adam, all sorted now.
Thank you!

May I ask what fixed the problem you were having for future reference?