Link Previews are not working when sharing new blog posts

When trying to share my blog page or even a blog post, the link preview keeps showing up with the same image and text instead of the individual blog post name and photo.

Example 1: Correct Photo, but no post title just the page title

Example 2: Incorrect photo, no post title, just the page title

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 12.38.03 PM

Oh… apparently its only FACEBOOK and FACEBOOK MESSENGER that do not display the proper descriptions and photos.

Not sure why, or if there’s anything I can do to fix that.

Have you made sure to disable the social settings in RapidWeaver on your blog page? This is likely what is leading to the wrong title.

The rest seems like it is correct, as seen in the post above, no? The forum software has imported the correct image and content, just not the proper title.

As for Facebook – I can’t control what they pull. I they’re pulling data other than the Twitter Card or the OpenGraph data then that is on them. Alloy supplies content for both of those formats on the full post view.

Check to make sure you have the Social features in RW turned off for your blog page, then republish all of your files using RapidWeaver’s Republish All Files feature. Then give it another go – Post the links here again after fixing it.

As you can see here the Foundry blog is importing the correct title, image and content, so I don’t believe it is Alloy itself. Here’s an example using one of Foundry’s blog post links: