Linked List colour issue

There is a small issue with the Linked List stack.

If you set the parent stack to use Custom Link Colours, this only works if you set the individual link child’s colours to use Control Centre. If any other colour is set in the child settings, then that overrides the Custom Colour.

This is the way I intended it to work. The non-Control-Center selection in the individual child stack is meant to override the main stack, even if it is a custom color.

That’s what I would expect really.

However, the Parent Custom Colour doesn’t set the child colours whether they use a child custom colour or not, unless the Child Colour settings is set to use Control Settings which I assume is the stack called Foundry.

Correct. That is how it is designed to work. If you think I’m misunderstanding still please send me a project file or video showing me what you mean. But I feel like I am understanding you.

It would be most useful, if perhaps a tooltip explanation could be added in the future, for the Custom Link Colours, otherwise there is no way for a user to know how you designed this setting to work.