Linked list question


as you see in the screenshot, the linked list is not inline with the header. How can this solved.

I believe if you select each list item the inspector will have an alignment setting for left center and right. I’m not at my desk right now so I cannot verify that. But there is a way to adjust the alignment.

Hey @iBerry!

Can I ask what version of Stacks you’re using?

@elixirgraphics The latest version

@iBerry: What version number though? Not trying to be difficult, just want to know the particular version number since there are certain features tied into specific API calls that are associated with specific versions of Stacks.

If you want to send me your project file as well I can have a look at it.

@elixirgraphics the stacks version is Stacks_3.2.1_3826

it is a basic project with a foundry, margin, container and a column stack. inside these stacks are headers and the linked list… no settings.

Hmmm. I’ve built something using the setup you describe, and this is what I get:

Any chance you could send me your project file so I can have a look?

this is what i get…

Sample Project:!AjdlaNYoLmzo9gzAzk1JOiW0CsSA

This is what I get when I open your project file:

This indicates that you have the Foundation theme selected, and not the Foundry theme. Change to the correct theme and you should be good to go. :+1:

:joy: :clap: thank you…

Not a problem at all. :+1: