Linking to a particular place on another page

I have raised this topic before and thought I had resolved it but I established that the Joe Workman Link/Anchor solution I was using doesn’t work in Chrome.
Seeing “Anchor” in Potion’s Megamenu I wonder how I can use it to link to a particular point on another page.

Hey there @Phloque – Have you had a chance to watch the Anchor stack tutorial video here on the Potion Pack page? If not, go ahead and give that a watch.

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Joe fixed that sometime back. Make sure you are running the latest version (2.3) of anchor and link.

Also, if you don’t have the pack that Adam mentioned, you could also use rwextras anchor point(also free):

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@teefers is correct, the latest version of the Link/Anchor stack works in Chrome now.

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Thanks for the replies.
In July I was emailing with Joe Workman regarding Link 2.3 not working for me in Chrome.
Joe’s last reply said
“Strange that is very odd why Chrome is doing that to those links. Maybe try something that does not rely on the browser to navigate to the proper location…”
I have tried Anchorpoint. I can set a link which will take me to the specified page, but the content after the Anchorpoint stack disappears.
Wondering if it is a Foundry thing, so would be interested if any Foundry users have got Anchorpoint to work whereby clicking a link on one page will take them to a particular point on another page.
In the meantime I’ll check out the video as Adam suggests.

Yes Adam, that did the trick.
This stack is exactly what I want and have been looking for for some time (as have quite a few other folks judging from the RW forum)

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Glad you got it working. I just tested with both Joe’s link and anchor and RW extra’s Anchorpoint, and they both work perfectly in Chrome, Chrome Canary (nightly build) and Safari with Foundry. Don’t know why you’re having problems.

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I am wondering whether this, and some other issues I’ve had is that the main project I use was not created from the ground up in Foundry, but was converted page by page from another theme.
Although I did create a test project in Foundry for JW to look at.
Thanks for the feedback everyone

Link/Anchor works great with Foundry for me in Chrome, you can test it here
Click link 1 or link 2

Here is a movie you can see it work

Thanks for the follow up zeebe
I also think some of the problem might have been using the full url as shown in Sitemap Plus stack.
Copying the URL from the browser doe not include http://
Haven’t tested it out with the JW Link stack yet.

Awesome! Glad to help. Enjoy the stack. It makes using anchors easy and you can also use it in conjunction with the Mega Menu stack as well.