Links in Card layouts

I set a link in the Footer text in a Card layout by right clicking on it and setting the link. Strangely, when highlighting the Footer text, the LINK button on the bottom bar of RW7.2.2 is greyed out. However, the link does not get created when Previewed and a quick check off the code shows there is no link.

I expect this is some strange RW behaviour and that links are not possible in the footer. The footer is an idea place to put a Read more link to a Buy message.

So is it possible to set a link in the Card Footer text? If not, could I make it a request? Also, it would be most useful if the whole card area are could be a link too.

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The footer area is plain, non-styled text, thus the link controls are not enabled. It could probably be changed to styled text, but I will take a look and see if I can’t remember my reasoning behind why I used plain, non-styled text in the first place. I have a feeling there might have been a reason for it. It has been a while since I wrote that particular piece of code.

As for making the entire Card a link – That is one I don’t think I would add. I can indeed envision some problems with that setup already with the way Cards are built. Not to say I won’t look into it when I have time, but it isn’t a top priority right now since I have some other big Foundry projects on the docket.


Ok. In that case, is there a way to equalise sections of a column in say a 3 column layout so that you can align buttons or text at the bottom of each column when the columns can have non equal height content? I see that the Columns stack when set to 1 Col, still has the equalise height option. I tried various combination of equalising height of 1 Cols inside 3 cols, but couldn’t get this scenario to work.

No that isn’t an option. Not how the BS Cards are designed to work. Like I said, I will look at the Footer though. Maybe more upgrades to the Footer beyond Styled text, if possible. It won’t be immediate though.

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@webdeersign – So I looked at the Card stack’s footer and realized why I made it plain text to start with. RapidWeaver has text alignment buttons along with its link and other formatting buttons (bold, italic, etc). The problem is when you use the RW text alignment controls it adds a paragraph tag around the text. RW only adds that paragraph tag when you use those alignment controls. You never want to use those alignment controls in Foundry. This is why the Paragraph stack and others have their own alignment controls.

This is a problem in several ways, all of which are too much to go into right now. It is a deeper problem than you’d think, too. That being said, this is why I went with plain text. I think I have a way to work around it, but I just got around to looking at this and thought I’d explain why it was plain text from the beginning.

Little bit of an addendum – changing the Footer and Header over from plain text to styled text would in fact cause problems as the content in the field would be lost. It would revert back to the default text. This is because Stacks sees this as a different field totally, which makes since because it is indeed very different.

I’ve got an idea for how to expand on the footer perhaps and improve it, yet keep any content people already have in their Footer or Header fields, but that will be a bigger project, so it will not make it in the next update.

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I have to say that I have never used the RW text alignment tools and could image they would potentially cause issues in many stacks. IMHO those text controls should be disabled on Stacks pages. Using the Bold and Italic also causes issues with web fonts.

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