Load speed with cinema?

Following on from Fuellemann’s helpful response yesterday (as below) as to the loading and sizing of video for a newbie.
Is there anything else I could do/can do to the page to make it load faster, as it still appears to take a while to load. Commercially paid for videos, so I’m thinking I can’t load them to vimeo, youtube etc. in the first instance. Mp4’s still appear to be very heavy at 17.3mb and 13.9mb at the settings below.

Sample here - http://website2b.onlinedesign4u.co.uk



Use the miro video converter to have the mp4 and webm and set the resolution to 1280x720 pixels.

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Hi, the videos are not loaded when you open the page. The video is streamed from the server once you click play, so that should not count to any slow loading of the initial page load. In most cases the images on the site are not optimized, so that might be the first issue to look at.

I work with print mostly, so use to all big files etc.
I have however run the images through JPEG mini pro, to bring them down in size. Maybe not enough?
Whats the best way to size an image on screen, ie is there a bit of software that allows you to see/measure the size of an image on screen?

One question: Are you using the videos for the background only?

Yes, as per the sample

A then please send me the video via wetransfer.com and I can make those quite small. Normally for a background video you only use 10 or 15 seconds and loop it, as well. Send it to hello@pretty-good-websites.com. I will delete them after working with them and do not use them otherwise.

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