Long delay when loading a page

The home page of a web page I made with Foundry 2 and Shutter has a delay when loading the online page, which takes several seconds.

I have merged the header, where it has Reveal stacks, into a partial and use that exactly the same on all subpages. However, the problem does not occur on these pages.

On the home page there are three small galleries made with shutter. Actually, there are six galleries because I use a different form for each gallery for display on mobile devices.

I removed all other Reveal stacks, which I still had in it, so that there are certainly not too many. But that did not help.
What could it be?

Home page: https://4lakes.ch
One of the subpages: 4Lakes.ch ::: Painting with Light

RW Classic 9.1.1
Shutter 1.0.1

The first thing I notice is your images are quite large and are not 72dpi.

Your images should be 72dpi, and scaled to how they’ll be used, as well as compressed using a tool such as TinyPNG or the like. This image isn’t the only one that is quite large.

The other pages likely load faster for you as the images have been cached by the browser after loading them the first time on the home page.

Additionally it seems you’ve set your pages (I think, hard to tell specifically without seeing your project) to have all of your pages located in the main root folder of your site, which is incorrect. If you provide a copy of your project file we can have a look to confirm. Have a look at this FAQ for common mistakes: READ ME: Things to check BEFORE posting for help

Also I just noticed you posted this thread twice. Was there a reason for the double post?

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.

That’s right, I was sloppy with the preparation and compression of the images. I have now corrected that everywhere.

When calling the other pages, I have of course first cleared the cache, so that they must be reloaded. Furthermore, this delay also happens if you simply reload the start page. Not with the other pages.

You are also right about the page structure. I have now also adjusted this, even if it is not clear to me what influence this should have.

All these adjustments do not change anything about this delay. With pleasure I send you the project file.

Sorry, that was an oversight on my part and not intentional.

I think the main reason you are seeing a difference in the loading of different pages is because of the content on them. The home page looks to have a lot more images in Shutter galleries than the other pages. The total size of the content loaded on the home page is 3,837kb. When you are loading nearly 4mb of data, the page is going to take awhile to load. You need to look for ways to reduce the size of the page’s data.

Are you having Shutter generate the thumbnails or are you providing custom thumbnail images? It looks like you are using generated the thumbnails. Make sure that generate thumbnails is off after they are generated, so they are not recreated every time the page is loaded.

You may want to switch to using custom (non-autogenerated) thumbnails. You can likely make much smaller and more highly compressed thumbnails.

You can test the site with the following one tool to get insight on what to look at to speed things up.


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That’s it! That I didn’t think of it myself… I thought this function checks itself if the thumbnails have to be regenerated, because it has no optional parameters to switch on or off a regeneration manually. Because it is practical if you are too lazy to create thumbnails yourself.

Anyway. All other optimizations were certainly important, but did not change anything about this delay. I also don’t consider the amount of data to be a problem in 2023. It’s just a photography site and it naturally has images. I ended up just turning Generate Thumbnails back on to test and the delay was back.

Many thanks @DLH

Nevertheless, I still find Shutter an extremely successful stack. One thing would make it perfect: if you could specify the number of displayed thumbnails in the overview. Because if you have a gallery with a lot of images, it’s difficult for the design of the page and also the loading times get longer again. But there is not screwed around for the time being according to Adam’s statement.

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