Main Content & ExtraContent Area Widths

I’m working on a new theme currently and wanted to get a bit of feedback from the community on a particular feature.

When adjusting the width settings in a theme usually you change the width setting in one place and it is applied to the main content area as well as any ExtraContent areas that are in the body of the page all at once, so that they all share the same width. In the past this has been the primary way I’ve created theme variations. More recently I built a theme that had the ability to adjust the ExtraContent areas’ widths separately from the main content area, so that each could have a unique width. I’m not sure it is feature users make use of though, so I was hoping everyone would give me a bit of feedback below with a vote. Which would you make use of when building a site using a theme?

  • Main Content & ExtraContent Areas share width settings
  • Main Content & ExtraContent Areas have independent settings

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