Make a card a link

So… I have an unorthodox use of Cards. I’m using them as filter buttons for a TCMS blog. While I understand I can drop any button I want in using the slice stack, I’m wondering if there’s a way I can make an entire card a link. I feel like this is either absolutely no, or here’s a stupidly easy way to do it type answer. But I slept poorly last night and my brain refuses to answer questions I throw at it, regardless of how many cups of coffee I have.

Try Joe Workman’s link stack. I think it is free…

Excellent suggestion, I even already have that stack, I completely forgot about it’s existence. However, I have my cards inside a deck, which means I can’t stick the card in. That also makes me think I’m out of easy solutions.

Let’s see if Adam can come to the rescue :slight_smile:

No unfortunately that isn’t an option without creating some side effects that you probably don’t want. :confused:

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Yeah, I’ve resigned myself to using a slice stack to add a button. Not quite as slick, but what the client doesn’t see, they can’t complain about. :smiley:

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