Make DropDown Element Full Width in Any Container

Using Foundry v3. Would like to make the Dropdown stack go FULL WIDTH in any container, whether a column, etc. Tried creating a stylesheet with Width of 100% (for starters), but no matter what parameters I choose (%, pixels, rem), I don’t see any changes occur.

Is it not possible to tell that stack to behave like a “block button”, or set the width? Instead the width is just currently controlled by the amount of text listed. Is there perhaps a different style type that I need to try?

I’m not sure how well Drop Down will work as a full width button. If you think a full width drop down will work for your needs, you can do it with Blacksmith.

You will probably also want the child elements to be full width, correct? You can do both with a custom selector. Here’s what you would put into the “Selector” box after selecting “Custom” for Selector.

.full-width-button a, .full-width-button ul

The first part sets the width of the button and the second the child, drop down area.

Make sure that “Width” is selected in the Style Sheet and set it to “100” and “Percent(%)”

In the CSS Classes of the button, you’ll want to put in full-width-button

That code works, but why, I am not sure. In the “selector” field, it states “Do not use spaces or special characters”, in yet there are spaces in the code.

I wanted “100%” although the actual width can vary, only because it would be a standard width for several drop-downs on the page. I could make them all 40%, or whatever, and I guess put them in a max-width stack, leaving them at 100%.

Anyway, the code does work for me. Thank you so much for that.