Making web template: how to get client?

Coppola Elisa

Hello, I would love to share what I was capable of thanks to Foundry. I made a mix of a resume website (displaying my experience and work) and a small Web Template shop with simple, flexible and fresh websites, ready to be bought and customized by me for the final client. It’s similar and yet really different from what egoMade is doing, but it’s really been difficult for me to find client.
Please take a look and share your opinion!!


Hi @ElisaC

Nice work, Congrats.
I see you are targeting local clients because your website is being marketed in Italian.
To go that route I believe you will need to sell your websites locally by word of mouth, or to your email list (if you have one).

It’s not easy in the beginning if you don’t have an audience, but in time I believe you can do it.

Some Adjustments:

  • Add a SSL certificate to your website.
  • Use a custom email for your business, you are using



Thank you so much for the advices!