Mason missing stacks

Hi, hope everyone’s doing ok in these strange times.

I’m attempting to quickly build a site for our local Covid support group using Foundry, Mason & RW8.6. Most of the CTA stacks tell me that, “This stack is currently not installed. You need to reinstall it to use it.” Doesn’t matter how many times I reinstall Mason, I keep getting this message. Very frustrating. Help would be much appreciated as time is of the essence.

Many thanks

Mason does need some of the Foundry add-ons. Did you check the requirements?

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NOTE: The Mason Template Pack requires Foundry v2, Potion Pack and Thunder Pack to use all included templates.“

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Thank you Fuelleman.
Just spotted that on the website.
So, it’s not a free download then, is it? In order to use it, I need to spend $70 on Potion and Thunder. You really should make that a bit more obvious on your site, it would have saved me a lot of wasted time.
Sorry but I don’t have $70 to spend on a support group site, I’ll just have to build from scratch and ditch Mason.

Thanks for your help

Hey there @musicalbodger!

Mason is free. While specific addons are required for its use, the templates themselves are completely free. To achieve some of the designs in the templates I used some of the stacks that come in the addon packs.

As for making it more clear on the site – I am sorry that you missed the requirements on the Mason templates addon page. That said, since it is a free download you’re not out anything by downloading it and then finding out that it has requirements like you would be if the Mason templates weren’t free.

The Mason templates are a nicety, and not an essential piece of Foundry. This is why they’re free and use multiple addons for their designs.

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Thanks for your reply @elixirgraphics, much appreciated.

I had just watched the video you(?) did building a page with Foundry and Masonry, and I thought, that’s it, done in a day. So, I guess I was disappointed and frustrated to find I needed more, and hadn’t noticed that when I originally downloaded Masonry.

Man, I appreciate you have to make a living and, believe me, I have no problem with that. I was just frustrated.
Stay well.

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Oh, I get it. I’m not put out at all. Really. I just wanted to point it out was all. :raised_hands:


@elixirgraphics I am in that same position as @musicalbodger. It really did not come across and was lead to the same assumptions. I did find that if you UNPACK IT the container format is there and is still of value as a template making it much easier. As an example using the CTA-9 unpack it and highlight the container. Slide it up and out then delete the CTA-9. Gives you a GREAT starting point still even if it is not you had hoped for.

Thanks @JEB-42, nice to know I’m not alone.
Take your point about using CTA as templates, good idea, unfortunately, like you I thought I’d be able to use it straight out of the box.