Mason Stack doesn't work

Hello everybody,

so I bought foundry v2, then portion pack and the thunder pack. All three are working perfectly. At the end I have installed mason pack. Unfortunately I don’t see any pictures. When I add the CTA01 Stack on the page it says: Drop stacks here. I have checked the preferences already I have a checkmark on the : include templates. Foundry v2 Stack is always on the top of the page…Soo I have no other idea how to use this.
What should I do?
Uninstall and Install doesn’t work here. I’m using a Mac.
Best greetings

Are you using Stacks v4? Templates like Mason were introduced in Stacks v4.

Hi @czeko

Following up with you on this post. Did you have a chance to check and see what version of Stacks you’re using? If so what version was it?

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Thank you very much for your help. I had v3 as soon as I have uploaded v4 I could see the icons right away. Now its working I love it!


Awesome! That’s great to hear!