"MD Import" Broken Link by .htaccess

Hi there,

If I protect my site folder with .htaccess / .htpasswd, the link to a markdown file no longer works in any “MD Import” stack. The markdown files are in the same folder.

If I remove the .htaccess again, the link works correctly again immediately.

Is there a setting missing?

Thank you for a tip
:slight_smile: Gerhard

So you’re saying you’ve placed your Markdown files into a folder, and the password protected the folder using your .htpasswd file? If so that is the problem. You’ve password protected it, so the stack can read it.

Hello Adam,
It becomes the main folder (is an site only for customers) by the .htaccess protected (see Structure).
In the Index.php is the stack and the link to the subfolder where the markdown files are located.
That authentication has already taken place at this point.
:slight_smile: Gerhard

The authentication for you the visitor has taken place, but it doesn’t grant me access to the file for the PHP functions to check if the file exists and also likely for Markdown parser as well. If removing the .htpasswd file’s restrictions fixes the problem, then you’ve found the origin. The stack is not built around accomplishing its task in the environment you’re placing it in.

You might try a few of these suggestions to allow PHP to access the files without authentication.