Measuring Web Site Traffic

Searched forum and found no discussion on this subject. Is there a stack in the Foundry to do this or do we need to use an “outside service/stack?” As I’m new in this business, I’m interested in how many views and how many pages are being viewed in our website.

Thx in advance for your response(s).

Hi, I am using PIWIK, which has to be uploaded on your server:

You can use Google Analytics, which just requires to add a line of code to your websites:

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Are you using the newer Piwik (I think version 3.x)? How do you like it? Why do you prefer over Google Analytics? I ask these questions because I’ll soon be adding one of the two and it would be nice to get some impressions from you.

Many thanks Fuellemann. I was looking at Statcounter, but also concerned I might have missed something in all the stacks provided by Elixir. I tend to stay away from Google as I feel they are one of “information sinks”, gathering as much information as they can get to use to their advantage. Of course, that’s part of their business-ha!

I 'm looking for a counter that is invisible.

Hi, I stay away from Google. The data is transferred to the US and there are always concerns about privacy and legal responsibility. My clients here in Germany do not want to a risk regarding this data transfer.

Jan: Got it. Thanks for the explanation.

Hi Rex. Take a look to Bryn Owen Design HitCounter Stack

Thanks for the suggestion. My web host has PIWIK 3.0.2 installed so it’s an easy decision for me. I like the breadth of data provided.

Checked it out. Thanks. I’m going with PIWIK.