Media Group .JPG Display Issues

I am trying to use images within the Media Group Stack as links to other pages/content. When I use a RAW format image the size within my column dimensions are constrained - as expected. But using a .JPG or .jpg format image, the image is magnified way out of proportion, showing only a vertical sliver of the photo that extends the full vertical length of the page.
Please help. I have scoured all postings for information, but have found nothing pertaining to my issue.
Thanks in advance. Patiently awaiting your response.

Hello @SportTourer

If you’d like to provide me with a ZIP file containing both your project file and your jpg images I can take a quick look. The stack should handle jpg images perfectly fine.


thanks for your prompt response.

If you could, please guide me on how to create the zip file so I can make it available to you.

Thanks again in advance for your support.

Sure thing no problem. Hop on over to Google and do a search for “creating a zip file in OS X” and you should get a good result with step by step instructions.

Then send that ZIP file to me via email to adam at elixirgraphics dot com. If the file is over 5mb or so you’ll want to use a file sharing service like Dropbox to send a download link.