Mega Menu 2 lines?

Hey there

I’m trying to get Mega Menu to run into 2 lines but am getting issues. My client wants quite a lot shown in the nav bar so it’s running wide on tablet sizing.

Is there a way of making the bar taller for tablets or a way to perhaps trigger the mobile menu on tablet view?

Any help gratefully received! Cheers

Mega Menu is not designed to work in that way. If you find that you have too much content to fit horizontal in the top tier navigation bar then you should reduce and reorganize said content, for both yours and your visitors’ sanity.

Hi Adam

Thanks - I thought you might say that and agree. Client’s seem to like a lot going into their navs and especially on a single page design which this one is.

Thanks for confirming, I’ll try and figure out a workaround. Other than that Foundry is working very nicely for the project!


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I had the same exact problem. Finally settled on using Overlay Nav Menu. For mobile, it is exactly the same. On desktop it’s different, but cleaner.

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