Mega Menu as hamburger menu on iPad/tablet?

I want to have a hamburger menu for both mobile and tablet, but can not figure out how this is done for tablets. Any tips?

Mega Menu does not change the size of the logo when I am on a tablet and create problems with the menu.


This is not a feature of Mega Menu.

The navigation and logo seem to be working as they should. The logo isn’t designed to change size based on breakpoint. It is designed to fit the height of the navigation bar and adjust its width proportionally. The navigation items are getting pushed to another line due to too much content in the navigation bar. You’ll need to remedy this by one or more of the following:

  • Smaller navigation item names
  • Fewer navigation items in the top tier of the navigation bar
  • Using a less wide logo
  • Excluding the FontAwesome icons

Thanks for the quick response!
I like Mega Menu and wish this was an opportunity.