Mega Menu create link/target on a page

Im using mega menu and foundry2.

I would like to create a drop down menu. From the dropdown I’d like each dropdown item to link to a section of a page. For example one page with six sections of information. So each drop down would need to be link/target on another page. How would I do this?

I have read the docs on the anchor option but in my case it is not a link to the one page … I need it to click to a new page and the correct section of that page

Hi, one the page with the destination, add an anchor.

In the menu, add a normal URL link and attach #anchorname to it.

So if the anchor is called test, then the URL link for the dropdown will look like:

Which also means you can not test it in preview, but need to publish it to test it.

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Brilliant.Thanks a million I will do that