Mega menu drop down hover

Is there a way to add a Hover event to the Mega Menu drop down?

If a user clicks a Mega Menu drop down link, the drop down open and remains open until either the same link is clicked again or another MM link is clicked on. A hover event would make it more user friendly as well as looking better and also easier to see the full contents of the dropdowns.

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The drop downs are triggered on a click action instead of hover purposefully to help compatibility with many versions of Android mobile OSes. Since navigation is very important to all visitors it was important that the navigation be accessible to as many people as possible. It’s one thing for a little hover effect like Hover Image to not work because it is based on a hover trigger, but a whole other thing for a navigation item to not open because it is a hover image. This is not something I’m likely to change any time soon because of this.

Agree that the mobile menu would not need a hover trigger but the desktop menu would be fine and there would be no incompatibility due to Android or iOS. It’s quite common to see this type of navigation e.g., where the hover works on desktop only.

There is a new mega navigation stack due out later in the year which does operate in this way, but just though it would be a welcome addition to the Mega Menu.

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Please know that I understand how things work. I purposefully use the same code for both mobile and desktop. As I said this is not something I am going to be changing in the near future.

Hi Adam,

I would just like to add my vote for a hover drop down option for Mega Menu please.

You seem to have made it clear last year that this was not something you were looking at adding but wondering if that is still the thinking.

I particularly would like the hover drop down feature and hope that you might revisit this as a possibility.

Foundry is a great platform and the hover option for Mega Menu would just make it better.

Many thanks for listening

Cheers Scott


Hover triggering isn’t something that is planned for Mega Menu at this time. There are plenty of updates for Foundry’s base set of stacks in the works right now though.

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Hi Adam,

Ok thanks…look forward to the updates.

Could I please ask for hover to be put on the list…I know…maybe…sometime in the future possibly?? :grinning: :pray:

Cheers Scott