Mega menu mobile hide

Hi Adam, just added the potion pack and am playing around with it… (lovely!)
Question though:
I am wondering why the mega menu does not hide automatically when in mobile mode…
clicking on a menu item, it goes to the anchor on the page but the menu stays folded open… looked everywhere, but cannot find a setting how to make the menu disappear after choosing a menu item…

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Hi @jvanodenhoven!

The Mega Menu does not close itself when a link, in this case an anchor link, is clicked or tapped on. You’re not missing any sort of setting or option in the stack.

Hi! I’m making RapidWeaver websites for many years, but I’m new to Foundry (as well as working with stacks). I did watch some tutorials, made a storyboard and started building. I must say that it rapidly started to feel intuitive. Congrats for that!

I’m building a one page website, and so I also bought the Potion Pack to create a (mega) menu using anchors. So far so good. I’m very happy with it, but on Mobile view the menu keeps rolled down after hitting an anchor, and so it’s covering the things you want to see. By clicking on the hamburger menu again it will roll up, but that’s far from intuitive, only few people will do this.

I saw someone had the same question and you tell him that this is normal behavior. Perhaps I’m missing something here because I think you make great application. Please look at your own example page on a 4” iPhone and see what I mean: Is there really no way to make it disappear after hitting one of the anchors?

Thanks in advance for answering or reconsidering :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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Hi there @don!

The intended behavior for the stack currently is to stay open. The link does not trigger a closing of the menu, not even when used as a normal, non-anchor based navigation. What closes the drop down in normal usage is the loading of the new page. Since the user has not left the page the navigation remains in the state it was when the user clicked or tapped on the navigation item.

I’m not arguing one way or the other on this point, just explaining the way and reasoning for how it works. It is already on my list to look at to decide if it would be possible / a good idea to have it collapse when an anchor link is visited.


Thank you very much for answering, and at least having it on your list.
Have a nice weekend.

Is there any news on this for desktop and mobile? I am building a site withe mega menu and the customer is really irritated that the menu does not close on click of a navigation item. I would love to have any kind of workaround or solution to keep mega menu for this project :slight_smile:

There is no imminent change for the way Mega Menu works at this time. It remains on the list of things to look at, but right now I have a bigger project (and daily support, which is overflowing lately) that is tying me up.


Same wishful thinking here. I wish there was an option to have the hamburger menu close automatically when selecting a mega-menu anchor item on a one page web site.

Thank you very much for fixing this in 1.3.5