Mega Menu: Mobile view - Display logo and/or site title

Hi, I can’t seem to get the logo and/or the site title to be displayed on a mobile view. Is there a way to do so?



The Site Title and Logo are not present at the Mobile breakpoint. I suspect the confusion stems from the fact that I have an errant font size for the Branding text at the Mobile breakpoint currently in the settings. This is a hold over from early versions of the stack, which is set to be removed in the next update.

Thanks, so after the next update we will be able to see the branding and/or the logo again on a mobile view?

No. That has never been visible at the mobile breakpoint in public releases. The size setting for the branding text at the mobile breakpoint will be removed is what I meant. Sorry for being less than clear. The branding is left hidden at the mobile breakpoint.

Ah rats. This is really bad for my current project. Now I have to work with the visibility stack and add another menu for mobile… Adam, please reconsider. It is vital for my customers to see their logo and/or the site title in the mobile menu. And I really do not want to add another menustack just for a mobile view.

Is there no workaround?

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You can add a visibility stack just above the Mega Menu and insert your branding there, having it show only at the Mobile breakpoint. You can control how it is displayed without needing a second navigation bar for that breakpoint.


Hm - could you conjure an example? When I do this, the branding is not in the same line as the mega menu. I need to have the logo and/or site title left and the mega menu bars on the same height…

It would not be on the same line, it would be above the Mega Menu stack, as I mentioned.