Mega Menu on iPad

How can I force mega menu to be mobile style on iPad? (hamburger rather than full menu)

At the moment it is full menu which is making the nav bar double size on ipad and therfore cuttting off top of page


The Mega Menu stack does not operate that way.

aggh … is there a solution?

Not sure what you mean. The stack is not designed to work in that way.

ok thanks. Was hoping I could force it to break for iPad

No, sorry, there’s not a way to force it to do that.

Same question here, but I see the door is already closed :frowning:

It would be really nice to have the hamburger menu also on Desktop breakpoint. When you have a lot of anchors it otherwise becomes very messy. Please reconsider this :pray:

This isn’t a feature that will be coming to Mega Menu or the standard Navigation Bar. But stay tuned…


I will. Thank you for answering.