Mega Menu request

Megamenu’s use for in-page navigation is just so nice and powerful, but I’m always disappointed at its jarring instant zoom to the target. Would you consider giving it a more gentle movement (ala Scroll To and Scroll To Top)?

If I could push the envelope a little further, a pixel offset field for the anchor stack would be incredibly welcomed also. With sticky navigators the target is often hidden underneath the navigator.

Pretty sure you can do all of this with the settings already there. If you add an anchor type link to mega menu then you get these options:

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 06 43 48 PM


As @habitualshaker points out, all of the features you’re requesting are currently a part of the stack. Watch Tutorial 2 under the Mega Menu stack heading on the Potion Pack page.


Yikes. More coffee needed. Thanks.

I tried to do the same in a drop down menu without success. Is there a way i don’t see?

Those settings are found in the individual Anchor stacks.

By “anchor” stacks make sure you’re selecting the child anchor stacks from within Megamenu, not the stand-alone “Anchor” stack in Foundry.

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Where do I find the anchor child stack within drop down in mega menu?

Anchor stacks are for the top-teir navigation bar only. You can not place them in drop downs. This is by design.