Mega Menu Stays In Dropdown Position

I am creating my first Rapid Weaver Site, I am using Mega Menu, the nav bar works well, except I am using a dropdown menu in one area of the nav bar, and once a selection is made, the dropdown menu stays down. Do anyone know what is happening, and how to solve this problem?

Do you have a URL where we can see this in action? Does this occur in the samples in the documentation? Mega Menu | My Website

When you click a link in the menu doesn’t a new page open?

Thank you for responding. The page is not yet published, and the URL is not yet available. I ran it in Simulate, and preview modes, all with the same results. I also tried changing the trigger type from click, to hover. The same results. I selected, and unselected “close when another is opened” (in the sidebar), the results are the same. Basically they function well if I hover the cursor over it without making a selection. The dropdown deploys, and retracts when the cursor leaves that area of the menu, but if I select an item, the dropdown deploys and stay down, even if I scroll up or down the page. It remains deployed until refreshed. The items in the menu however does function correctly.

Yes. If the menu selection directs it to. The menu items within the dropdown functions properly. The dropdown just stays down until the page is refreshed, or closed and reopened.

Publish a test to see if the problem persists there on a live site. I’m not at my desk, with it being Sunday, so I can’t check right now, but I suspect you’ll find it works ok. If not send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I’ll take a look. If the ZIP file is over 3-4 mb you’ll need to use WeTransfer or a similar service to send it. Email it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com