Mega Menu Tutorial 2 Sample


I purchased the potion pack since it debuted, but I could not use it until now. I’m pretty interested in having the project that is used in the Tutorial 2 of the Mega Menu section, I want to know how some partials are done, just to know if I can use something similar in my website. Is this possible?

Thank you for everything!

Not sure I know which specific project you’re referring to. If you show me which one I can see if I still have it.

Of course, I’m refering to the Tutorial 2 sample, in the Mega Menu tutorial. It’s the second video, it shows the anchor stack with Mega Menu.


Here is an example of this project that is in the video. It is a one page site, so honestly there isn’t any need for partials for the project. It is pretty straignt forward. The page is seperated into sections for each of the anchors. You can use the Container stack for that.

Yes, if that is the one you’re referring to, it does not use any Partials.

That said, here’s the page in a standalone project file if you or anyone else would like to check it out: • Droplr

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Mmh, I thought that the images of the team section where inside a partial. The stacks weren’t showing the whole name so I could not see them clearly. I renamed the file to .rw extension but I could not open it. Could be that is a version 8 file?

Yes, it was saved in RapidWeaver v8.