Mega Modal trapped in container

The Mega Modal seems to only fill the container it’s launched from within. Is there a way to pop this “full screen” when it’s nested? And as an alternative, can I put the Mega Modal at the root level of a page and ‘trigger’ it from a button or link (nested elsewhere on the page). Lastly, is there a good substitute for Mega Modal that will work to get around this issue if needed?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @concyse

Mega Modal is designed to work within containers just fine. If you check the documentation page for the stack it is placed within several different stacks. It does not need to be at the “root” of the page. I suspect you have something else going on that is causing your problem.

Share your live page with us that has the problem. Additionally if you can share your project file with us as well that would be a big help. Make a ZIP file containing the project file (the file you open in RW to edit your site). The use a service like WeTransfer to create a download link for that ZIP file and share that link with us.

It is the end of the work day here heading into the weekend. If I’m back in the office over the next couple of days I will have a look at your URL and project file when they’re posted here in the thread. Or perhaps someone else will even beat me to it.

Hi Elixir - thanks for your help!

I made a new (simple) file to demonstrate where I’m struggling. Here is a link to the sample: Untitled Page | My Website (

The top of the page shows how the Mega Modal get’s trapped - it appears to be confined to the “Reveal Pro” border.

The bottom of the page shows same content, but removing the Reveal Pro from the outer layer.

I can appreciate and respect your weekend :+1:t2:

Animation stacks like Reveal Pro are quite different from a container. They’re complex tools that sort of break the rules. Generally it is a bad idea to combine overly complex stacks. While it is easy to just throw two stacks together like that and not think much about them and what’s going on under-the-hood, you’re actually combining some pretty complex code together that you’d not normally do in that particular way (it would be coded much differently if you were doing it by hand).

All that to say – you can’t do what you’re wanting to do there unfortunately.

One Note: Swapping out “Reveal Pro” and using “Reveal” instead seems to work a lot better - FWIW :slight_smile:

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