Mega Modul not opening

@elixirgraphics: does this screenshot from browser console tell you something about why the mega modal is not opening?

A URL would be more helpful. If you send me a URL and a ZIP file containing your project file I can look at it some time over the weekend. Currently I’m headed out for the day on Friday afternoon.

thank you. I guess I will use regular pages instead of the mega modal.

meanwhile i rearranged the entire footer which contained the mega modal… if I can reconstruct the original layout I will send you a zip file of the footer to inspect the issue.

the mega modal worked outside of my footer partial on a separate page - so most likely I did something stupid inside my footer… (although I used foundry stacks only plus your focus stack)

Without seeing the project I can’t provide much feedback. If you end up wanting to send that project file I can look at it at the beginning of the work week.