Members menu in Navigator Theme

Hello all off you!

I have a question regarding menus in the Navigator theme.

I created a member page on my website at a level so that is visible in the main menu.
All pages that I make below this level are for now visible for every visitor of the website.
Is there a possibility to make to make this menu sub level only visible to members?
I was thinking to create a new sub domain members.l-w-design where I would link the members menu to.
At this subdomain I would replicate the website template with its own menu structure for the members only pages.
In this way the photo albums for members only would not be visible in the public website.

If it wasn’t for a little twist in my brain I would have found(ried) :wink: it already.
Is there somebody who can give me a hint how to do this.

My website is at

Some translations:
Aanlegplaats = home (as a boat freak = earth :slight_smile: )
Leden = members
Over ons = about us
Nieuws = News

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.


The navigation elements included with Foundry are not integrated with any for of members system. Your membership system would have to offer some way to integrate with your project, or RapidWeaver directly, to achieve what you’re wanting to do in a proper way. Duplicating your site probably isn’t a good idea, as I don’t know how search engines will deal with the duplicate content on two different sites (I’m admittedly not an SEO expert).

Thanks for your answer.
Maybe I expressed myself not to good :blush:
My site is more a family site than a public one.
Duplicating the site was probably not the best expression.
I was trying to explain that I would duplicate the template so it would seem that the ‘subdomain’ is just another page from the site but with its own menu.
I’m, as a matter of fact, trying to hide the menu part below the members level for not members.
As I sed I’ve got a twist in my brain and probably expressed myself not to well :wink:
I hope this explanation is more clear than the previous one.


This is is not something that the navigation within Foundry is capable of, as it would need to be integrated with whatever you’re using to create your members area. That is, whatever you’re using to allow people to “sign-in” to the site would have to be what adds or hides those navigation elements, and would need to integrate with Foundry’s navigation.

I just noticed that you’re not using Foundry, so I apologize for making that leap. My brain skipped right over the fact that you’re using Navigator.

That being said, the same goes for themes really. The theme cannot hide or show navigation items based off of whatever it is you wish to use to allow people to “sign-in” to your site to see the members content.

eh?? Not using country? Yes I do use Foundry stacks together with the Navigator Theme.


Foundry stacks are not meant to be used within normal themes. You must use Foundry with the blank Foundry Theme that comes with Foundry. Doing otherwise will indeed cause problems. Be sure to watch the videos found on this page:

You’ll also likely want to watch the “Build a One-Page Site” video on this page:

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your answers.
What kind of trouble would I run into if using your Navigator theme an using foundry stacks in that theme.
This is exactly what I’m doing now on my site.
I for instance use the foundry container stack, margin stack, column stack with the navigator theme.
Up until now I didn’t run into trouble (At least I think :wink: ).
The point is I’m not a website programmer but have my site just for fun and the family.
With the Foundry/Navigator combination I could make a website that (for me :grin:) looks good. I specialy like the menu system from the Navigator theme as it resembles the one on my old (Flash based) website.
Off course, if I could find out how to make the same menu with foundry I could change the Theme.

There are a multitude of problems that can arise from doing what you’re doing by combining a normal theme and Foundry. Some of Foundry’s javascript is found within the blank theme. This means that some of the stacks that rely on that javascript will not work properly. Also, by loading Foundry into a normal theme, you’re basically loading two site’s worth of code instead of one (this is a generalization, but you get the idea I hope).

You’re also opening yourself up to conflicts of code between the Foundry stacks and the normal theme, as the two things are not designed to work together.

As the person that built both the Navigator theme and Foundry, I can tell you I would not ever combine them. You’re welcome to do as you wish, of course, but the method you’re using is not the supported method.

Thanks for the explanation.
Don’t misunderstand me. I will change my site accordingly so I cannot fall into the problems you mentioned. I’m just a hobby guy trying to learn a little bit.
Probably you feel me coming :grin:
It is not that I haven’t been searching and trying to create the same menu as in the navigator theme, but is there a possibility that you, or some other kind soul, could put me in the good direction to create that same menu in Foundry?
Thanks in advance for your advice.

It is not that I haven’t been searching and trying to create the same menu as in the navigator theme, but is there a possibility that you, or some other kind soul, could put me in the good direction to create that same menu in Foundry?

If you like Navigator’s navigation, use that theme and not Foundry. The theme will likely be enough to get you what you want. If there are other things you wish to do, columns, sliders, etc, there are a plethora of those available for use in normal themes.