Membership stack for Rapidweaver and Foundry

Hello All,

I am creating a website for my business and now I want to implement membership on my website. So I was looking forward for an advise to chose the best available membership stack for RW compatible with Foundry. I know there are. a couple like Sentry (Stacks4Stacks), UserAccess (InStacks) and Sitelock (Joe Workman). Just want an advise which one should I buy.


There’s also this one

@vermaji This is a complicated question. I suppose it depends on how many potential members, what they have access to, and more.

I definitely would NOT recommend Yuzoolthemes stack as he seems to have gone out of business.

Joe’s stacks can be a helpful complement … but first you’ll need to purchase SiteLok itself which is $40. Then Joe’s stacks (additional purchase) can make it easier to implement Sitelok onto your site. But if you only have a small number of pages to be members-only then I don’t think you’ll benefit from Joe’s stack. I have Joe’s stack as I create course websites and I’m always protecting them at the last moment and do it quickly. So when protecting 30-40 web pages in a short amount of time the ease of Joe’s stack is great … especially for avoiding mistakes.

More on Sitelok here:

I have not used InStacks UserAccess stack but he does a good job so it could be very worthwhile. Ditto for Sentry. Joe also has a stack called Page Safe that might be useful.

But … it really all comes down to the details. For example, Page Sage works on a per page basis. I don’t want my students (for example) to have to login to each and every page. SiteLok allows them to login once for all relevant pages, and it remembers them for about 2-3 weeks. I’m only giving one example of a practical difference between these products. There are others. Nor am I trying to convey that SiteLok is the best product for your needs. I simply don’t know based on the information you’ve provided.

Sitelok is brilliant and support is above excellent. I use it in combination with the stacks from Joe workman in foundry. I’ve used it on 4 sites so far so highly recommend.

I could not agree more. I have been using Sitelok for years and the support by Adrian there is fantastic. I have used it exactly the same way at pat. price is great too.

+1 for Sitelok. When we moved hosting providers and the folder paths changed, Adrian logged in and made all the required amendments to our config for us. His support is exceptional.

JW’s Sitelok stacks are definitely a worthwhile addition, too.