Menu that doesn't navigate to a page

How do I create a menu item that doesn’t navigate to a specific page? I need it to show the pages that fall under the category. My specific example the main menu is called “In Print” under this I want a menu item called “Awesome Media Group” this would not have a page but there would be sub-pages under this to navigate to pages about each publication. Thanks!


Hi Ian, have you been trying the NoLink Stack from Jeroen Roos (Marathia) ?
It’s really work as it say, deactivate menu items at the parent-level navigation and child-level navigation as you which. Top stack and great support of Jeroen 10/10.

@iankh Go to the Navigation Bar Doumentation page ( and scroll to the bottom and look for the section labeled Drop Down Small Header. That is likely what you want.


Great feature Adam, din’t know this :+1:
Will start to have a good look at the documentation see what else comes on :slight_smile: