Menu with logo in the middle


I will start with a more complex site, soon. I will use Mega menu as I will need some submenus with pictures. Before I start - is there way to place the logo in the middle of the menu and menu items left and right to it?


Short answer – no.

Longer answer – That would be cool. And don’t think for a minute that it hasn’t been requested. I’ve heard from @Steve_J multiple times how cool it would be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, it proves to be quite a headache to make something like that work well in an environment like Stacks’ edit mode, not to mention the code once it is parsed and output. While this is a very slick navigation type, it isn’t something that you’re likely to see me take on any time soon. Just making it easy to use in Edit Mode is enough to keep me from wanting to mess around with it.


Yes, I have requested this menu type more than once. Also, Adam pointed out that it needs remain “balanced” with equal menu items on each side of the logo. In other words, there must be an even number of menu items.

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And even then there’d also need to be an equal number of characters in said menu items to make it truly balanced, which my OCDs would require I think. LOL

It really is a slick idea, and makes for a neat layout… it just has a lot of hurdles when it comes to the user interface, IMO.

The “Clean Menu” stack from 1 Little Designer is able to do what your requesting

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I’m going to go ahead and close this one since it is already three years old.