Method to change to specific slider being shown?

I am looking for a way to change the contents on a page from a separate button press/link. This could be contained in a container or I was exploring ‘slider’. Is there a way with slider to select which ‘slide’ to display from a remote trigger of some type (dynamic update of the section)? Or is there a better way to do this.
Currently the content on a specific slide will be a graphic along with ‘points’ (Points 2).

Maybe Tabs or Vertical Tabs would work better for this purpose?

Unfortunately Tabs all appear to typically require tabs directly related to the tabs display area. What I am looking for is a separate control that can change part of a page in response to a separate button elsewhere on the page. Similar to what I used to do with iFrames and an older web software system.

Currently I have found Peek-A-Boo and Fabulous (both from Weaver’s Space) that appear to allow for these external links. Anyone have any experience with these, especially related to external triggers (and not showing tabs direction above the tabbed space)?

The Capsule stack might work for what you’re trying to do. I’m not 100% sure it meets your needs, but you might give it a look:

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Thanks. I did look at Capsule and it does not meet my needs specifically.

I did go ahead with Peek-a-boo and found that it works quite well with a few ‘tricks’.

  • there doesn’t seem to be an option to keep a peek-a-boo from being closed by the original trigger; solution was to make a dummy image the size of the peek-a-boo and then use the ‘overlap’ stack so that peek-a-boo opens on top of the base line holder image
  • I am using it in a 2nd column. It turns out that if peek-a-boo closes, the the parallel column is shorter than the peek-a-boo column with the dummy image under it, the column actually shortens cutting off the dummy image

solution is to make both columns equal size (using Foundry ‘columns’ with this option and ensuring that the parallel column will always be longer than the peek-a-boo column.

It also turns out that Points 2 works very well with peek-a-boo support built in which is important in my use case. Plus Points 2 works within each Peek-a-boo image independently; very clean